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About Thom Tillier

Thom is an experienced Realtor, marketer and negotiator. Driven by family and community involvement, he takes pride in providing the best real estate experience possible to his clients. As a top producing agent, his goals include great communication and extreme client satisfaction. In addition to his primary job functions, Thom has been recognized by for his extraordinary commitment to helping local communities and charitable organizations.

Thom's passion for real estate can be traced back to his high school years as a builder, and several years with sales at Pulte Homes, where he spent significant time working on his construction knowledge and being a world class sales professional. As a marketing mastermind, he specializes in enhancing his clients home selling experience through extensive use of his digital marketing background and the use of bleeding edge technology.

Thom attributes his drive to be the best agent in the business to his wife Melissa and 5 wonderful children.

“The Tillier Team is more than just a catchy name and it includes more than just people a few people in my office”

Thom believes that everyone from his family, clients, professional photographers, graphic designers, inspectors, loan officers and many more partners, are all part of the experience and all part of the award winning Tillier Team, that’s what makes the experience so seamless.

As a life long Michigander, Thom understands the working family, whether buying, selling or both. “Between managing families and working full time, our clients need the the best possible communication and support when buying or selling a home, we hustle to remove the hassle”

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